Volunteer projects

We believe by helping the people in the city, we can help our students connect with where they study and live. We believe that volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.

AEA offers optional volunteer activities for students inspired to help our surrounding community and environment, such as volunteering at the beautify Golden Gate Park, helping out at local soup kitchens, etc.

Prepare food for people in need 

AEA students volunteered to participate in Project Homeless Connect (PHC), SF Marin Food Bank, and Project Open Hands to help prepare food for people in need. These programs provide locations where non-profit medical and social service providers collaborate to serve the homeless of San Francisco with comprehensive, holistic services.

Project Open Hand - 2020/02

Our students became amazing volunteers by helping at Project Open Hand to serve meals with a smile to seniors and adults of our Community. At Project Open Hand, they rely on more than 125 volunteers every day to help prepare, package and deliver meals with love, and distribute groceries for sick and elderly neighbors.

SF Marin Food Bank - 2016/01

Project Homeless Connect - 2015/12

City Impact - 2015/09

Maintain community green space

AEA students spent an afternoon at the Presidio to protect sensitive natural habitats, sustain and improve our trial systems, and preserve important cultural resources. The Volunteer Project at – Golden Gate National Parks, Presidio( Nursery) includes activities like transplanting seedlings, pruning, composting, seed collecting, and out-planting.

Volunteer Project at Presidio – 2018/07

Sutro Stewards Nursery – 2015/07

The Mount Sutro Native Plant Nursery has been operating since 2013. The nursery works in conjunction with the conservation program to conserve the unique plant species of Mount Sutro, and grows additional species for habitat restoration on Mount Sutro to provide wildlife habitat and forage. The nursery propagates California native plant species sourced locally within the city of San Francisco. The plants are grown to be planted in conservation sites throughout the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. Extra plants are available for sale (see below) to the public for habitat gardens.

Help keep our environment clean

AEA students helped out city servers from the Golden Gate Maintenance team to maintain the environment clean. The Volunteer Project covers the beaches, habitat restoration, historic gardens, historic landscape, native plant nurseries, and trail maintenance. It’s fun and it makes a difference.

Volunteer Project at Mason Center – 2016/02

Volunteer Project with Golden Gate Maintenance – 2015/09