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How to pay tuition

Current students can either make a payment online , through phone calls, or in person at Advance English Academy schools in San Francisco and Berkeley.

How to pay online

You can pay the tuition with your banking app. For example, if you have Bank of America app.


1. Open your Bank of America app.

2. Select "Send".

3. Search recipient via email


4. Make sure the address is correct.

5. Enter the correct amount for your tuition. Click continue to send.

6. Take a screenshot of your receipt page and email to

Make sure to include the student name in the subject of the email.


These are examples of acceptable screenshots you can submit.

Please make sure that the screenshot includes a “Confirmation” or “Transaction” number.

And include your full name either in the screenshot or in the email sent to

How to via a phone call

If you are using a credit card, you can call us at 415.552.1001 to make a payment by phone. Best times to call to pay by phone are Monday-Thursday 9AM – 5PM PST or Friday 9AM – 12PM PST.

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