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Meet our teachers

At AEA, we are proud of our beloved international students and our amazing teachers and staff who are dedicated to helping students improve and achieve. AEA is committed to building an engaged and family-like community for everyone. And our teachers are the pillars of the house.


​I hope that you are ready for a wonderful English language and cultural experience, as I look forward to introducing you to San Francisco, and taking you on one of our many adventures throughout California, and beyond.

- Sina Ghadirian, Director at AEA

Our mission

The mission of Advance English Academy is to provide a high-quality English language program, in a friendly and compassionate learning environment. 


Advance English Academy strives to equip students with their desired English competence and to provide an opportunity to develop their lifelong-lasting learning ability. 


Through the recruitment and development of qualified faculty members, Advance English Academy endeavors to assist and support students in achieving their educational goals.   


By advocating local volunteerism and outdoor recreation, Advance English Academy hopes to expand student knowledge, while encouraging an appreciation and understanding of our community, language, and country. 

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